31 December 2009

end of the noughties

happy new year everyone!!

lets make it a good one yer?

28 December 2009

post - christmas fat

so, hope everyone had a great christmas and got all the presents that they wanted - i got my ipod touch YAY so now am getting distracted by all the apps. Shakespeare in my pocket - yes please!!

but how to beat this christmas over eating i hear you cry? i would say sale shopping, but in all honesty all the sales i have seen have been pretty poor!! did any of you pick up any good sale buys?

im just hoping my urbanoutfitters sale buys will be yummmy when they arrive!


23 December 2009

all i want for christmas...

(dress topshop, ring YSL, foxy necklace zoe&morgan, ipod touch, wallet vivienne westwood, lipstick chanel)

thanks santa - i owe you one!

20 December 2009

rollin' with the homies

bye bye brittany murphy :(

18 December 2009


has anyone ever seen that nickelodeon original movie snow day? i suddenly have the urge to track that down!
this snow is making me seriously festive - never in my whole life we have had snow this close to christmas (although it won't be snowy on christmas; it never is!) and in celebration i am working my way through the festive film archive ...muppets christmas carol and the holiday this morning!

(my little neighbours made the best snowman)

(view from outside)
its a shame however that with snow comes cold and wet and therefore fashion becomes limited. i am currently sporting the ever fashionable roxy yeti boots circa 2002 - the very fashionable yeti alter-ego comes out only in extreme circumstances! perhaps i should be aiming more down these lines...


arrrgh fashion

London Fashion Week is indeed over, but alas it has not been forgotten (or documented by me as I am absolutely rubbish) but none the less I think it is necessary to document my account of what is to be my first of many LFW experiences…
Luckily for me, last week I was invited to a specially scheduled show by my friend Claire of Young Shields (young-shields.blogspot.com) in which a team of ten young people were given the opportunity to create their own fashion line with the chance to show at LFW.  The line aptly names 1.WO/MAN - one woman one man is a unisex line and took to the OnOff catwalk in true LFW style.  It was an amazing night and it was great to see the wealth of talent that these young people had. With only six months and a limited supply of fabric unlike the couturiers of Paris a fabulous collection was put together which the team should be proud of.

The show was met with great anticipation and any sceptics were soon silenced when the collection came pouring out on various models (some admittedly more skilled at the art than others..) We saw a range of fabrics, but jersey seemed the predominant choice - combined with pretty florals and graphic prints. There manifesto states they were “mixing masculine ease with feminine allure” which is reflected in the various dungaree’s and casual loungewear that was debuted. The cuts were simple but the carefully executed draping and layering took potentially cheap fabrics and made them high fashion. Throughout the collection we were also graced with a variety of graphic print tee’s all available at www.1woman.com for ten pounds with all proceeds going to Children in Need

With support and a performance from emerging girl-band the Dollyrockers (the saturdays in Doc Martins...) as well as footwear provided by Irregular Choice this BBC Blast initiative seems to have the backing it needs in order to drive the project further. Maybe we will be seeing some of the team debuting their own collections within the next few years…who knows?
Big thank you to BBC Blast for putting on a great show and Aindrea Emelife (www.fashionistadujour.typepad.com) the project manager for the invites!


17 December 2009

hideous kinky

so a couple of weeks ago i was lucky enough to take a weekend trip to marrakech - it was the most amazing holiday. it's such a beautiful country and it you are brave enough to bargain you can get some great shopping done too. or like me you could just take pictures of unsuspecting strangers....

and if you can't make it to marrakech any time soon perhaps just settle down with good ol' humphrey bogart and watch casablanca - ok wrong moroccan city but you get the idea!


it was the best of times, it was the worst of times

new blog new start - yet again.
this year it will be the year for me to actually keep a blog, successfully and not just for a week!
so sit back, chillax and wait for some vaguely interesting musings