29 April 2010


outfit posts coming soon ...
i promise

26 April 2010

micky mouse club

yes i know i have just stolen these from the topshop blog, but they are brilliant!! my personal favourite is definitely the goofy as mr lagerfeld although the donatella is pretty funny tooo. i wonder what the designers would think?

i think ulrich schroder should draw one of these of me....makes me want to go and buy spanish elle!!

25 April 2010

antiques roadshow

here is my newest purchase, it's an antique french ad from 1950, and i love it! i'm a strange collector of things like this...but now i will need to find somewhere to put it!!!

i wish i could look that fabulous in a one-piece!!

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21 April 2010

vice vice baby

yes that's right - i'm now part of the vice blogging network

more stuff to come soon! very exciting!


19 April 2010

coachella, ella, ella

eh eh eh...

Henry and Aggy, Whitney, Dita and Katy 

who wore it best? 
i wish i looked this clean when i went to a festival...

18 April 2010

come back to texas...

i am going to relive my teenage past tonight - i am going to see bowling for soup! yes its incredibly cheesy, and no i am not wearing converse - but i am looking forward to it! i am probably too young to be getting nostalgic but when one of my 13 year old selfs favourite band comes to my hometown, i couldn't say no could i?

(even they are sporting a pastel for spring...)

AND its acoustic - that's very grown up!

16 April 2010

shopping list #1

+ ankle socks and pretty dresses
(topshop £75)

this is where the magic happens...

i thought to introduce you to me, and my world i would give you a selby style tour of my humble abode (well, my room). i like it when bloggers do this - i feel where people sleep can reveal a lot about them. saying that, mine probably does suggest that i am slightly mental; so i might just take that comment back!!


my tea set from a trip to marrakech (do excuse the dust!)

chuckanucka, totoro and ox - the next best thing to have in bed after a handsome gentleman...(don't they look so cute!!)

so there you have it - welcome to my world!


15 April 2010

Irving Penn + Kim Catrell

last week i went to the irving penn portraits exhibition at the national portrait gallery, and being a lover of photography i was impressed. like a lot of the other national portrait exhibitions it wasn't very large (about 120 photos) and at £10 each its quite pricey, but it is currently 2 for 1 on the two-for-one days out website so it's definitely worth a look. what i liked most was the fact there were pictures of some of my favourite authors, some who i didn't really know what they looked like, so that was revealing and his simple composition reveals a lot about the sitter!

in case you don't manage to get down there here were some of my favourite shots:

Truman Capote 1948

Truman Capote (again)

Pablo Picasso 1957

(south willard news, chicchicchic)

get down there if you can, click here for the website, and here for your 2-4-1 deal (you need to buy a train ticket though!)

after this i also went to see Private Lives, the Noel Coward play at the Vaudeville Theatre on the Strand and it was absolutly brilliant. Kim Catrell was amazing (and not just a cheap celeb cameo) and Matthew Macfadyen (bless him!) was a porky little comedian!  I would definitely defiantly go and see it if you have the chance - it's hilarious and had great costumes too!

Irving Penn Portraits is on at the National Portrait Gallery until the 6th of June and Private Lives is on at the Vaudeville until the 1st on May - so hurry up!!


14 April 2010


is Gaga going gaga drawing on her birkin bag? or is this just customisation for those with the money?

love you Gaga

12 April 2010


i have caught the american bug good and proper. this easter holiday i have indulged myself to the point i feel i need to get in an SUV and go across the USA on a mega road trip - it needs to be done. having never even been the the US i'm not quite sure where this desire has come from, but hopefully with my uni course i am going to be living there in about 18 months time and i cannot wait!!

in the mean time i have had to wallow in self pity and satisfy my americraving in another way...yes i did buy these hotpants!

what i am going to wear them with at this point is unclear (suggestions appreciated) but they are fun and will help me recreate california in essex...if that is possible. 

instead it looks like i might be going to turkey on holiday...well a girl can dream. now, i must stop reading american literature (although reccomendations are always good!!) and get some work done!


ps i know it's weird, but i really do love dolly parton!