26 April 2010

micky mouse club

yes i know i have just stolen these from the topshop blog, but they are brilliant!! my personal favourite is definitely the goofy as mr lagerfeld although the donatella is pretty funny tooo. i wonder what the designers would think?

i think ulrich schroder should draw one of these of me....makes me want to go and buy spanish elle!!


  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My reaction is so huge to this...
    i love disney
    i love these designers
    it is so true that some of the biggies are practically cartoon characters!! (namely karl, galliano and vivienne westwood)
    This. Is. Genius.

    Thank you for bringing it into my life!


  2. they are so good arent they!!
    and i love all the little ones in the background tooo like pooh and people!! xxxx

  3. This is absolute CLASSIC. (: I love it! The wave of nostalgia, the absolutely warm and unique touch, its like being warped back into the past!
    It gives an entirely new light on fashion as a whole

  4. I love your blog and I love reading Truman Capote.
    X David

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