12 April 2010


i have caught the american bug good and proper. this easter holiday i have indulged myself to the point i feel i need to get in an SUV and go across the USA on a mega road trip - it needs to be done. having never even been the the US i'm not quite sure where this desire has come from, but hopefully with my uni course i am going to be living there in about 18 months time and i cannot wait!!

in the mean time i have had to wallow in self pity and satisfy my americraving in another way...yes i did buy these hotpants!

what i am going to wear them with at this point is unclear (suggestions appreciated) but they are fun and will help me recreate california in essex...if that is possible. 

instead it looks like i might be going to turkey on holiday...well a girl can dream. now, i must stop reading american literature (although reccomendations are always good!!) and get some work done!


ps i know it's weird, but i really do love dolly parton!

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  1. Hey YOU!
    Where and what is your course? I'm doing the same thang - will either opt for year abroad, or go there for 4 months to work/intern/travel. I've already started making plans / sorting budgets etc. Score!

    What're your plans for the summer? Would be lovely to see you guys! I'll be in London for the whole month of August if you're about? Otherwise I shall head over to my gran's (aka where Clare lives) and see you! xx