16 April 2010

this is where the magic happens...

i thought to introduce you to me, and my world i would give you a selby style tour of my humble abode (well, my room). i like it when bloggers do this - i feel where people sleep can reveal a lot about them. saying that, mine probably does suggest that i am slightly mental; so i might just take that comment back!!


my tea set from a trip to marrakech (do excuse the dust!)

chuckanucka, totoro and ox - the next best thing to have in bed after a handsome gentleman...(don't they look so cute!!)

so there you have it - welcome to my world!



  1. Ooo I absolutely love your room.
    Especially the noticeboard, magazine collection and all those lovely books - I may have to try and decode a few titles and read them ;)
    I'd love to do this of my room but it's literally 2 x 3 metres...there is a lot of mess :'( aha.
    Maybe I'll try my uni room instead. UNIII :D x

  2. wow you have some fantastic things,love your book collection