18 December 2009


has anyone ever seen that nickelodeon original movie snow day? i suddenly have the urge to track that down!
this snow is making me seriously festive - never in my whole life we have had snow this close to christmas (although it won't be snowy on christmas; it never is!) and in celebration i am working my way through the festive film archive ...muppets christmas carol and the holiday this morning!

(my little neighbours made the best snowman)

(view from outside)
its a shame however that with snow comes cold and wet and therefore fashion becomes limited. i am currently sporting the ever fashionable roxy yeti boots circa 2002 - the very fashionable yeti alter-ego comes out only in extreme circumstances! perhaps i should be aiming more down these lines...


1 comment:

  1. Wow, that snowman is adorable. Very jealous, mine is a fat mound with a tiny squashed head.
    Lovely blog.