8 June 2010

lets get creative

as you know i am revising and thus creativity levels are the in minus numbers!
however vice magazine (i'm part of their bloggers network) showed me somthing today which has inspired me, after my exams, to channel my creativity :)

vice have teamed up with intel and they are going to be running a series of events and things over the summer so keep checking back here as i will certainly be following the progress:

"The core idea sprang from a dinner conversation between Vice’s Shane Smith and (excellent) film and video director Spike Jonze. Jonze asked Smith what he would do if he could do anything he wanted, with no financial constraints. Smith said his dream was to launch something along the lines of 1920s salons in Paris, where writers, artists, musicians and playwrights gathered to exchange ideas, resulting in a rich cultural cross-pollination." - sounds exciting doesn't it!


and because i fancy mark ronson a little bit here is the link to his special video for the creators project
look out for more new talents soon


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