14 July 2010


back from greece - had the most amazing time! it's horrible to now be back in the rain, and its also so difficult to find clothes to wear. how do you show off a tan without being cold in this weather?!

I feel like i have walked into autumn and in turn with has lead me to buy my first "transitional" piece. Yes, and its camel.

admittedly, if i had seen this last year i would have sneered at its mother like connotations - but it is surprisingly chic (providing you channel it a la mad men)


  1. Ooh I'd like to see it styled, I would have no idea what to wear it with!

    Pretty Much Penniless giveaway!

  2. ohh where were you in greece?
    i think the best way to stay warm and show your tan is crochet. the wool keeps you warm and the holes show your skin through. it's on-trend this summer too so perfect!

    Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

  3. Hi Sophia,

    Cool blog came across it through the Vice site. I too made the transition from UK to the US.

    My name is Simon I'm from London but now live in the US. I play in a band named Hotel St. George from San Diego. We just made a music video for our new track "Little Children's Bones". The video premiered at a party along with new videos by Dum Dum Girls, Beaters and Lights On. We made the video ourselves and it's basically a battle between a robot and a wizard (cool home made costumes). In the video there are fireballs, a porridge face off, russian roulette, sword fights, massages, a dog with a cape, etc.....
    It's actually pretty badass! I hope you'll check it out. Here is the youtube link:



  4. Nice!
    Great blog, by the way. :)

  5. cute!
    just wanted to let you know I changed the url of my blog!

  6. im happy to hear yoy had a nice time on your vacation and i agree that it isnt a really great feeling to come back to your cold home... im so glad it wont happen to me until 2 weeks ;p nice skirt anyway- i like the colour :)

  7. приятный цвет1))

  8. Nice blog dear :)

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