13 January 2010

i can be the alice to your wonderland

everyone seems to be getting the alice bug, stella maccartny is doing a necklace and bracelet combo inspired by alice and printemps is doing bespoke designer windows in fashion week with an alice theme - no doubt there will be tea cups and eat me signs. urban decay have also caught on with this make up set with colours including midnight tea party -- looks pretty snazzy to me! (although id never use half the colours in these things)

(urban decay out 15th january)

(natalia vordianova by annie leibovitz vogue 2003)

i must admit that i never thought tim burton would be such a fashion inspiration - im looking forward to this 3d drug hallucination though...

although olds school disney has the magic that new ones just don't - agreed?


1 comment:

  1. i just read alice in wonderland for my victorian literature class, i've caught the bug too! can't wait to see the movie.
    definitely a fashion inspiration as well!