8 January 2010

there's snow place like home..

yes you've guessed it - more snow. i do think its amazing how the whole country can come to a stand still when some places have weather like this for months of the years, although i am not complaining as i have no school! instead i can waste time not revising and watching this morning. (a 57 year old who has had surgery to look like jessica rabbit today - nice).

anyway today i was thinking about what shoes to wear in the snow - ballet pumps no, leather boots not really and wellies aren't the most stylish option (unless they are the jimmy choo hunters i guess..) but then i remembered moon boots! i spent all my pre-teen ski holidays lusting after these monstrosities and would still love to have a pair - just for these rare moments when it snows! if they are classy enough for dior they are classy enough for me....

(yes so this might be paris hilton...but she does have warm feet.)


so is the moon boot coming back? are we going to look like the jetsons soon? i hope so.


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