8 January 2010

louise goldin 4 topshop

i am well aware the blogs are going to be awash with these pictures (edit: after i posted this both stylebubble and coco's tea party has done likewise!)- especially as her majesty Vogue has just announced this collection themselves but its so good i though i had to mention it. i'm not normally a fan of high street designer collaborations i have to admit (with the exception of perhaps christopher kane for topshop) as they tend to just be cheapy copies that are over priced or i am bitter as i never seem to be able to get hold of any.

however these louise goldin for topshop spring/summer shoes are quite something...

(both £150 topshop - due for release 5th february 2010 here in the uk) 

not only are they stylish but they would be really good for self defense don't you think? i must admit i wasn't expecting to see so much stud action into spring summer but it looks like goth chic is here to stay and i suppose this is a fairly ladylike way to do it!

and they even live up to the show versions - what do you think?

due for release 5th february 2010 

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