1 May 2010

mmmmmm faaaaaashion (obviously said in a homer voice)

last week i posted about the ulrich schroder disney spread in april's spanish elle, however i think i may have found something that tops it in the realm of cartoon fashion spreads.  i have been a dedicated simpsons fan ever since i was about five years old watching it at 6 on bbc and me and my friends were singing "lisa it's your birthday, happy birthday lisa" to our friend e-lisa on her birthday (we are incredibly sad.) but this has to be the best simpsons sorta stuff i have ever seen!! Harpers Bazaar did themselves proud in 2007.



(pictures from trendland.net)
one word.

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  1. hahahah i love this! must admit i laughed at how accurate it is :)
    thanks for the gorgeous comment
    stop back soon! xx

  2. Paha! This is genius :o


  3. Ha ha, those ones of Chanel and Gaultier are great! Do you know that episode of Marge and the Chanel costume?