26 May 2010

diary of an intern #2

the lovely ladies at YOU magazine contacted me a while back with an opportunity in my home town to work for a magazine. although they actually wanted graduates i was lucky enough to nab myself a two week internship! the magazine in question is period ideas (slightly unfortunate name my friends pointed out!) but its a beautifully done national home glossy. i'm particularly excited because as part of the experience you get a by-lined article which will be great experience and i also love a bit of interior design so it will be nice to learn about something new! i have also heard that the lovely kirstie and phil are contributors so lets hope i get a chance to chat to them and be the envy of the british population...

phwoooar, phil looks pretty fierce! xxx


  1. This is so exciting! Well done you. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  2. wow! omg you lucky bum haha