18 May 2010

it's the end of the world as we know it

it is a tradition that every year when the yr13's leave that there is a fancy dress extravaganza on the last day where the competition is fierce. tomorrow is that day; i am sure that the competition will be better than ever and i can't wait to see what everyone is wearing. me and my friends decided, after many arguments, to be greek goddesses and as a result tomorrow i shall be transformed into medusa. there will be gold body paint involved. 

hopefully this gold body paint will come off with ease as in the evening we have our glorious "prom" consisting of about 100 girls, and about three "fiancĂ©es" and a sea of floor length sequins and netting. needless to say i am wearing a cocktail dress (£25  fcuk limited london fashion week dress - i know i pushed the boat out) :
it is also apparently masqurade and we are thinking animal masks. i make a dashing giraffe. 
(pictures will be here soon) 

so this is it (more or less): the end of my school life forever and ever. xxx

and as a leaving present:

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