5 May 2010

met ball 2010

i must admit i am usually not that interested in award ceremony and ball outfits; probably because i cannot take inspiration for them (me and formal wear just don't match!) However i did feel some MET Ball pictures were in order as there were a few people who looked great...and a few who didn't work it for me *errrr k-stew*

I enjoyed Katie Perry's dress, she's like a glamourous glowing jelly fish 

I really don't like this, i don't know what it is but she looks like Aladdin or something and she needs to smile!

and if course a bit of gaga, working the grey hair and looking surprisingly normal - why is it when everyone else dresses up she goes the other way?

i also would like to commend emma watson for flying the flag for us brits in a nice bit of burberry, she looked gooood.


(pictures: just jared, BFC)

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  1. yeah, Katy Perry looks amazing as always.
    thanks for stopping by on my blog,
    hope to see you again!