4 May 2010

recent buys #1

i have been shopping too much recently. i feel with the end of school looming ever nearer (less that 2 weeks eeek!) and exams sneaking up on me i need some way to get happiness into my life- and shopping is filling that void in my life. i can only shop by myself it seems, and so my thursdays after school consist of a nomadic trek around the shops and usually a purchase (which i often find myself taking back on the saturday). it is the thrill of the purchase rather than the need for things drawing me in every time.

here are some of my recent buys:

1) cardi -new look (it looks really crappy and chavvy here but its much never in real life!) 2) hoola benefit 3) topshop bunny ears (bargain reduced for £18 to £1..they'll come in handy)

i have also recently bought some aviators and some other bits and bobs - pictures coming soon no doubt. in the mean time my latest shopping hunt is for binikis and sandals (both high and low!) so if anyone has seen anything nice fill me in.


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